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Laura Tyson Jewett

Real Estate Agent

Homes of Idaho -  208.442.8500

I love to work hard - I am passionate about it! I love getting things right and serving your needs! Buying or selling your home is a huge decision and you want someone who will work hard for you!! I love to help others - I am passionate about helping others. Some of the skills that I have learned over my professional life--that I will put to work for YOU--are my knack for researching, auditing, investigating and drilling down, keeping track of details and getting things done quickly and efficiently. Also, my ability to network and build relationships! These skills come in handy, perfect for listing and selling homes! I also love to play hard - I love traveling and spending time with my husband, Spencer, exercising and playing with our dog, I love music and performing, spending time with my kids and with my grandbabies. Life is good! I can't wait to meet you and help you with the exciting future your new home!